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Things We do at the Studio

Staying Foolish

This is some other work related fun stuff we do when we are not busy working on high level projecs for the company.

Product Design + UX/UI Design


We at the Three Digital Design Team have embraced the Design Thinking Process, focusing on creating better overall products for the end user, having in mind both the business requirements as well as the user needs. Trying to find that sweet spot is one of the most complicated tasks we face on our day to day work.

During the last few years we have developed a steady process to iterate and improve our products, implementing UX Design Workshops with key product owners and stakeholders to our workflow, both in our headquarters or collaborating with other external agencies, like Each&Other ( Dublin) or Fathom ( Belfast) .

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

Here are a few stills of some of the Workshops the Three Digital Design Team has conducted for products like the 3Plus mobile app, our Evolving Branding Proposition or ongoing projects for a Connected Lifestyle.

Thoughts and Visions into the Digital World

Digital Week

Every two years Three’s Digital team hosts a week of insightful events for all the other teams across the business. The in-house Digital Team looks after Three’s websites, apps and all the many systems in the background that keep them running. On the team there are developers, designers, SEO experts, digital marketers, and specialists in UI, UX, eCommerce, digital transformation and digital products – in short, a wealth of knowledge.

It comprises daily morning sessions with members of the Digital team, and afternoon sessions with experts from other companies such as Fjord Dublin, Polemic Digital, Google and Bank of Ireland.

At the 2017 edition I presented The Time Traveller´s Guide to Web Design, a brief description of the evolution of Web Design up to our days.

Nurturing our Team

Industry Events and Conventions

One key thing for us as designers in our profession is always being on top of the newest software, the latest trends or the market game-changers. At Three´s Digital Department we have always tried to improve our game by getting involved with as many relevant events as possible.

During the last 3 years I have been lucky enough to attend several editions of the UXDX Dublin, Offset, the Google Conversions, the London Adobe Summit, as well as numerous creative and UX Meetups ( Glug, Dublin UX, Service Design Network...).

This has been of great help in order to improve my skills both as a Designer and as a Manager and mentor for my team.

Still here?

Some Random Highlights

This last few years at Three have been an amazing adventure. We as a team have been able of achieving great things, both for the industry and on our goal of Digitaly transforming our business.

At a personal level I couldn´t be happier of the group of individuals I have been lucky to manage, mentor and learn from, so a big thanks in case any of you reads this ;p

This whole Case Study Site is only a small part of my journey. Make sure to visit the rest of it, by going back to " the Beginning".

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